Thursday, March 15, 2012

instagram Thursdays...

Let's start something new, shall we?  I think I'll start posting some of my instagrams on Thursdays.  It'll give you something to look forward to.  Oh I make myself laugh...

This little gem was from a monthly instagram prompt for #fork.  I wanted to do something all artsy like a fork in the road, or tree branches.  This is all I was able to muster up that day.  Sorry #marchphotoaday, that was a tough one given it was craptacular all day outside.
I was doing some lawn work the other day, listening to music (what on earth did we do before our phones had our music, email, camera and lord know what else?!) and I saw this moss growing on the back shed.  *snap*  Too pretty to pass up.

And this little gem was from the same day, same lawn work.  I spotted some pussy willows growing and I had to capture their cute little fuzziness for posterity.

Check back next week!

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