Tuesday, March 27, 2012

i (heart) ikea...

I recently decided it was time for a new dresser.  I knew exactly what I wanted, but just couldn't find it.  Clean lines, a lot of storage, cream.

So after a trip to Canada (to Ikea), a custom's agent said 'you know you have to put that together yourself...' (duh), a haul up to my room that made my muscles (still) hurt and 2 hours of labor (thanks to my sister and Jack) I have my new dresser.

It's the Hemnes 8 drawer and I love it.   Since the matching armoir wouldn't fit in my car I'll be getting that another time, with the help of a friend's minivan (they do indeed come in handy, despite the stigma).  

And see that sweet black and white striped throw in the corner of the second picture?  Ikea.  I know.

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