Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Building traditions...

I think I mentioned this once before (I'm not great with labeling my posts or linking back to them), but we have a little tradition here where I take the kids to the book store to pick out books when they're learning to read so they can have some one on one time with me, and can pick out books to get them excited about reading.  Maddy is a voracious reader, just like me.  She gobbles books up.  Jack is a little less enthusiastic, but he's warming to the idea.  Hopefully the next one will love it as much as Maddy did (I'm looking at you Emma...).

Week by week, Jack's fighting me less and less, and I think he's starting to fall in like with reading (we're not in the love stage yet...yet).

 We stumbled on story time at Barnes & Noble.  We had to stay to listen to If You Give a Dog a Donut, I mean, it's only part of one of the best children's book series ever.  Yes. Ever.

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Shannon said...

You are like the best aunt. Ever.