Friday, November 18, 2011

Tales in hoarding...

What better way to finish up the week than a story of my hoarding habits?  I'm not a hoarder in the sense that I could end up on the television show (which, for the record, ca-reeps me out).  I'm more of a product hoarder.  Specifically (but not exclusively):

  • Candles (favorites are Yankee and Bath & Body Works, but I do like BHG Candles as well)
  • Bath and Body Works Hand Soap (they have like 80 million scents!!  Everyone knows your hand soap should match the season!!  Duh)
  • Nail Polish
  • Art Supplies
  • Body wash and body lotion (once I find a scent I love I buy it up - I've been burned before by a favorite scent disappearing - yeah, I'm talking to you Mennen Lilac Deodorant...)
Recently, my friend Karen stumbled upon my candle dresser.  Yes.  You heard that right.  Now she's like my sponsor when it comes to candles.  She's the little voice in my head that says, "Now Jen, do you really need that candle?"  The answer is always no.  She already knew about my hand soap problem (only because every time she comes over there's a different hand soap out...I could only use the "hey, we wash our hands a lot" excuse for so long).  So now the secret is out.  I have a problem.

What's the item you can't help but purchase, regardless of the size of your stock pile at home?

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The Embroidery Chick said...

Fabric! I can't help buying more every time I go out....You really don't want to know how much I have at home- waiting to be crafted into the next cool thing!!