Friday, October 14, 2011

Twelve by 2012

I read about this challenge on Oh Hello Friend's blog.  Basically you come up with 12 things you want to accomplish before 2012.  I initially thought, 'excellent, how hard can that be?'...then I looked at my to do list for today and realized I can't even get what needs to be done today finished.  But what the hell, I'm going to give it a shot.  And if a few of the 12 are lame-o gimmes, then so be it.  Cut a girl some slack...

So here they are - my Twelve by 2012

1.    Clean and organize attic (things seem to strangely land on the stairs to the attic, but no further...)
2.    Clean and organize garage (don't ask...)
3.    Semi-master my camera before I buy my next one
4.    Read 8 of the books on my To Be Read bookshelf
5.    Paint front door entry
6.    Find a better way to organize mud room
7.    Establish a habit of working out at least 3 time per week
8.    Lose 10 pounds (this is a start kids...just by 2012)
9.    Finish a quilt I started for each of the kids (just finishing one at this point would be huge)
10.  Make a Halloween and Vacation mini book (supplies for which have been just hanging around)
11.  Finally make the decision whether or not to switch over to Typepad for my little blog
12.  Visit my grandfather (who lives too close for me not to visit more often)

OK so let's see what I can accomplish.  I'm already overwhelmed...

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