Friday, September 2, 2011

Reading obsession

Guys I've been stuck in a literary genre and I can't get out!  Ever since I read Sarah's Key (which is insanely phenomenal - read it!), I've been gobbling up anything I can as it relates to WWII fiction.  Thus far I've read:

  • The Kommandant's Girl (Jenoff)
  • The Diplomat's Wife (Jenoff)
  • Those Who Save Us (Blum)
  • Anya (Schaeffer)
I'm now getting ready to read The Girl in the Green Sweater (Chiger), My Enemy's Cradle (Young), 22 Britannia Road (Hodgkinson) and Clara's War (Kramer).

I get lost in these books, despite the horrible reality of the subject.  There's always hope though, even when the situations are something I don't know I could survive.   I'll warn you, Anya was a tough one to get through.  It was very graphic, but in the visual aspects of war and the Holocaust, but also in the decisions that are made throughout the story.  But I'm glad I made it through it.  

I remember being fascinated and shocked and horrified when I read The Diary of Anne Frank as a child.  I think those of us who were blessed to be born in this day and time, and in the US owe it to those who inexplicably lost their lives, their families, their homes and culture to never forget.  I know I never will...

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