Monday, September 26, 2011

Halloween decorating...

So I was going to publish this post next week.  You know, in October.  But then I thought I'd keep it real, and post it now.  My halloween decorations.  In September.  Whatever.

It all started with this little Mr. Man.  He's a bobble body votive holder, about 8" tall and I love him.  So I bought two of him.  Then Madeline and I decided that we'd go with a black, cream and purple color scheme.  And then I was off and running...
Considering the room is cream and blue, I kept some little pops of the turquoise in the decorating scheme (LOVE these glasses from Anthropologie - I pick a couple up every time I'm there).

 Purple and black creepy window clings!  Yes please!

 Bat wall clings from Target.  Possibly my best purchase to date (other than my bobble headed mummy).
 Don't worry, by Halloween I'll be ready to decorate for Christmas! ;-)

Have a great week loves! xo

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