Friday, August 19, 2011

Contemplating grey

SO.  I have this big bedroom, all light and bright with yellows and grays.  I've been contemplating painting one wall grey for quite some time and I'm thisclose to biting the bullet.  The room has exceptional light, aided in part by two large skylights, so I don't think it'll make the room dungeon-like.  To be honest, it's just the act of painting that's keeping me from grabbing a paintbrush.
I'm thinking Dark Granite (which is a little darker than it appears here).  Stealth Jet would be a cool color, but its nearly black and I'm past my teenage angst days when I wanted a black bedroom. 

Shannon recently painted her daughter's nursery in a dark grey and it re-sparked my urge to paint that wall.  We shall see.  We shall see.

UPDATE:  It's done, it's been painted and it looks FABULOUS!  Here's a pic!
P.S.  I was watching Flipping Out apparently!  Look for a post on my BFF Jeffrey Lewis next week!


Shannon said...

No lie - her nursery is "dark granite". If you went with that color, we have the same paint on our walls. LOVE IT!!

Jenny said...

That's the exact color I went with...Hilarious! Pic coming in a minute.