Thursday, August 11, 2011


Random how my last post was (which was written last week and scheduled for today) about health(ish) and my spontaneous post (i.e. this one) is about bubbie health (I'm not putting the actual word so as not to attract any creepies googling the word)...

So today I had a mammogram.  Oh yes I did.  I've had one other in my life and it was just as awesome on the discomfort scale.  But today they told me I needed a sonogram as well and in my mind I was fa-lipping out.

After having the sonogram (Windsong, you're kinda awesome for having everything in one place AND allowing me to get my results from the radiologist right then and there...) and meeting with the radiologist who took me into a dark room and showed me giant mammographical renderings of my bubbies I was told that all was well.  Just some swollen lymph nodes in my armpit area on both sides.  Can we all say "phew" together?  That wasn't so in sync...we can try again later.  I've had a cough for about 3 1/2 weeks so that's most likely what the deal is but I am SO grateful I didn't blow off that appointment (which I was TOTALLY planning on doing).

Get your mammograms and paps ladies.  Really.  Just do it.

PSA over.


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