Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Photo Editing

I thought I'd drop a little line about photo editing.  I've been pushing myself to really work with the photos I take, rather than leave them as is, straight out of the camera.  I use a few things...Picnik (which I pay for, but there's a free version as well - it just has fewer editing options), PSE 6.0 and my Mac.  However, within PSE 6.0 I use Florabella Actions which really transform a photo.  Take a look:

Straight out of the camera (SOTC)
And here's an edit using a few of the actions from Florabella

If you're a photo junkie like me, check them out - tell me what you think! :)

P.S.  Thanks for all of the amazing birthday wishes - you're all lovely! xo

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