Saturday, July 9, 2011

Birthday Weekend!

Ok, so if you visit this blog often you know that I'm all about my birthday.  Not this year.  This year I turn 40.  Yeah.  I've been dreading this birthday.  I've not uttered a peep about the day I normally relish.

I didn't want a party.  Absolutely no party.  So instead, my sister surprised me and planned a girl's weekend away to a fabulous house on the lake about an hour away.  I'll be enjoying a glass (or 12) of wine, relaxing, eating, laughing and shopping with a few lovely ladies that make my heart sing when I see them.  So a whole weekend with them, distracting me from the big number I'm approaching? Yes, please!

I'll be back to blogging on Monday - my actual birthday...dun dun dunnnnnn.

Have a great weekend loves! xo

P.S.  You all make my heart sing, by the way! :)


Shannon said...

Awwww - What a fabulous sister you have.

Happy happy happy birthday!!!

Michele said...

Happy birthday! It's just a number, my concentrate on the celebration!

Anonymous said...

i am so happy that you are having fun, enjoy the moments. love mom