Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Here are some of my favorite apps for my new iPad (truly, you must get one - it's such a time suck, but so worth it!!).  None of these, I should note, serve any real productive purpose.
Bamboo  - basically a cool note taking app, using your own handwriting.   
Plants vs. Zombies - an addictive game that I personally cannot stop playing.
Phoster - fun app that lets you make posters (what I'll use these posters for, I have no idea)
Half Tone - LOVE this app.  Here's an example of what you can do (it basically cartoon-izes everything)

Air Hockey - It's air hockey...need I say more?
Ultimate Hangman - Um, it's hangman.
Labelbox - let's you add pretty little labels to your pics.
8mm - Takes pretty realistic 8mm movies, allowing you to adjust sound, jumpiness, granularity, etc. 

*Not to be confused with the Black Eyed Pea, Apl.de.ap...

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Shannon said...

We have plants vs zombies on the xbox 360 and Andy plays it all.the.time. I think he's beaten it on even the hardest levels. And I actually don't mind watching it. It's kind of entertaining.