Thursday, June 9, 2011

I'm a winner!!!

I'm always winning random things, like in the 5th grade when I won a huge cake with a stuffed Babar on top.  Today I opened the mailbox to find a package from Boden (my favorite clothing store for little ones and big ones alike).  I hadn't ordered anything, and it's not my birthday, so I was confused.

Rewind to April when I entered a contest to win a union jack scarf from Boden...

Well I won it!  It's very nice actually, all union jack-y.  The colors are truer in the picture below, it's more magenta and pink, not brick red.
On the inside tag it says "Boden, April 29th, 2011, William and Kate, With Love from Boden".


Now if I could only win that lottery...

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Rachel said...

I never win anything and I finally won a Lucky Mag gift card to LuLu's last week - happy? Yes. Sad it was not the tropical vaca I also put my name in for? Yes.