Monday, March 14, 2011

The word I can't say...

I am petrified of cancer.  I'm amazed I just typed the word, to be honest.  The word stops me in my tracks, makes my heart race and puts me in a dark place.

I lost my father to cancer almost 5 years ago.  I know this is the source of my anxiety and distress.

I donate to charities that focus on cancer.  I've volunteered at Roswell Park Cancer Institute here in Buffalo.  I try to educate myself on the best ways to keep myself and my family healthy.

But nothing works to ease my fears.

Why can't we find a cure?  Why?  I know I need to just live my life.  I need to not worry about what 'might' happen to me or my family or friends.

What do you do when you have irrational fears that are rooted in reality?  I'd love any advice you might have!

P.S.  Sorry for the depressing post Monday morning.  Tomorrow's post focuses on built in shelves I'm having built!  Yeah.  I know.  Maybe Wednesday will be better! ;-)

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