Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I'm having some custom shelves built into the family room.  I am SO excited, I cannot even tell you.  WAY more excited than a human should be I think.  I have about 7 million books (give or take) and I can't wait to have a beautiful place to put them all!  The shelves will be flanking a large window in the family room, and they'll be joined by a storage/window seat.  They'll be painted the same color as the walls (cream) and will look as though they've been there forever.  And since I'm a visual person...here is my artist's rendering of the loveliness to come!

(note:  The pillows won't be that color - this is just what was in my pen cup!  I'll be shopping for fabric this week, but I already have my eyes on a fabulous fabric already!!)

Work starts later this week - I am SO excited!

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