Friday, January 21, 2011

Baby Scarlette, Fitness, Red Hair and Spring...

I sort of slacked on the blogging this week friends.  I'm sorry.  I usually makes notes of blog ideas, not all of them make it to the blog, but I try to post a few times a week at least.  This week got away from me on all levels.  So here is a week's worth of blogging for you, all wrapped up in one nice post!

Wednesday's Post...*
So...I've sort of fallen off the wagon when it comes to my fitness routine.  However, I'm joining a gym week next week.  So expect to see my mind-boggling weight loss documented here for all to read about!

Thursday's Post...
If I could pull off red hair, I'd want it to look like this:

Speaking of red, which is Scarlet (or in this case Scarlette), I'm happy to report the little Miss is doing very well and may come home in a few weeks!  Check out her mama's blog here!

Friday's regularly scheduled post...
Guys I am OVER winter here in Buffalo.  O-VER.  It is so cold and windy and white and grey and slushy and disgusting.  I'm just pining for spring and the breezy, open-window weather.  Green grass, sunny days and many less layers of clothing.  Ugh.  I have Spring Fever but BAD.

Have a great weekend everyone!  xo

*I just realized that I did post on Wednesday (about my amazing mama)!  I only missed one day.  I'm too tired to go back and revise this post so...there you go!

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