Saturday, December 25, 2010

Traditions revisted...

I love Christmas.  I love the tradition of it all.  When we were little we all opened one gift on Christmas Eve (pjs), and on Christmas morning we couldn't go downstairs until my dad gave us the thumbs up from the couch (where he'd been patrolling since who knows when, as our adventure down the stairs started at the crack of dawn).  Then I'd go down (being the oldest) to light the tree, my mom would come down, make a cup of coffee (which was an excruciatingly long process for a child to have to endure) and we'd settle into our spots around the tree.

My dad always handed out the gifts, making sure that everyone had something to open.  And after all of the opening was over, and we were removing ourselves from our bundles of paper, we'd stay in our jammies and play and play and play.  Later in the day we'd put on our holiday best and our visitors would come and eat and drink and stay all night.

Now, we have many of the same traditions, with a few new additions:

  • I was awoken by three little ones in my bed before the sun was actually dawning.   To hear the excitement and sheer joy in their voices while they snuggled and giggled will stay with me forever.
  • My brother skyped from Germany to spend Christmas with us in the morning.  I'm not sure if seeing him from a computer screen made me miss him any less, but it was great to see him, real time on Christmas.
  • We've added a sleepover to this evening.  Maddy and Jack's best friends are sleeping over - something we've never done, but the kids are SO excited and I am for them!  Hopefully it will be an early evening! ;-)
  • I texted all morning with my BFF as we opened our gifts from one another, and told one another how thankful we are for each other.
I have to say, traditions are great.  They're important.  But a little addition certainly doesn't hurt! :)

Wishing you and yours a very, Merry Christmas!  Love to you all!

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