Friday, November 12, 2010

I'm making a quilt, yo!

In my quest to have no downtime whatsoever, I've decided now is the perfect time to make a hand made quilt!  I painstakingly went from store to store to find the fabrics in the colors I want and I like the palette I chose.  It's really just to cuddle with (the back will be that super soft, baby blanket-y fabric), so it doesn't need to be fancy (a quilter I am NOT), but I wanted it to be pretty.

I've washed the fabric, and was about to start to cut the squares when I realized I had the worst scissors in the world.  So it's off to purchase scissors that will cut more than...well, nothing at this point.  They're horrible.

I'll keep you posted on my progress (because this is riveting blogging, I realize).  I'm hoping to have it done before its too hot to use it.

And as always, keep baby Scarlette in your prayers.  Visit here for another update on itty bitty! :)

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