Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I'm wearing purple today.  I'm wearing purple today in honor of all those who've been bullied.  For all who have taken their lives because they simply couldn't take it anymore.

I know it's a pretty popular cause right now.  But I think we all remember those children (sadly, adults as well), who had no sense of what its like to be a decent human.  To treat people kindly.  Where does that come from?  Home?  Peers?  TV?  All of the above?  All I can say is if my parents ever heard I was targeting a child (when I was a child) and making their life hell, they would have made sure it stopped.  Pronto.

Sadly we do this as adults too - but in private.  Behind people's backs.  Not quite as damaging but just as dirty.

As parents we have a responsibility to teach our children that it is NEVER acceptable to bully another child for any reason.  And part of the way we do that is by example.  Trust me - they listen (especially those little 8 year olds...).

So on this day I'll set the example.  Will you?

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