Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fall pics

I usually take the kids out for a day to get some cute fall shots of them before it gets too cold.  Yesterday as I was driving to soccer I saw this old shed on the side of the road, surrounded by nothing but golden goodness.  So after soccer and playdate I threw the kids in the car for a 20 minute photo shoot.  On the way home my sister reminded me of another great location about 2 minutes from home, so we swung by there too.  Here are a few shots - there are tons more that I need to edit of our mini-shoot! :)

Oh, and I'd be a bad Buffalonian if I didn't say "Go Bill!" (it is opening day, you know)!

Happy Sunday!  xo


The Shanner of Attention said...

two facts.

1) you are talented.

2) maddy & jack are beautiful.

Miriam travels thru life said...

I agree with Shannon. There's nothing more to say.