Tuesday, July 27, 2010


This is my 910th post.  Wha?!?  Who knew I had so much to say (or so little depending on who you talk to)!?

Nothing new to write about other than I'm looking forward to August.  Nothing major going on other than a business trip early next week to NYC and a wedding for a sweet friend later in the month.  I like (at this moment - not always) a relatively empty calendar.  I can take a breath.

But of course, empty time means project time.  I can never have an empty To Do list or I go a little wonky. Right now I'm thinking of paining the living room - only the wall where the fireplace is.
I'm headed in the robin's egg blues, but I love playing with color.  My intense hatred of painting means this will most likely be a fall project though.

Have a Happy Tuesday! :)

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