Friday, June 25, 2010

Monkey See, Monkey Do...

I'm a reader.  Nothing puts me in a better mood than settling into a good book - or knowing that I have a good book waiting for me.  We were always read to as children and that's something we all try to encourage in Madeline, Jack and Emma.

Well how lucky are we, here in teeny, tiny Clarence, to have our very own children's book store!  It's a fantastic store called Monkey See, Monkey Do.  It's on Main Street and is the most charming place you've ever seen.  Little nooks and crannies for snuggling up with a book, classes like sewing, science and cooking.  It's fantastic.  And I'd MUCH rather support a small book store than a big box book store.

You can friend them on Facebook also - you can keep up on the millions of events they have for little ones.

AND if you're a big kid, they have coffee and free WiFi.

LOVE this place!

P.S.  Jill - when you get here we're SO going there! xo

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kim krug said...

Dear Jennifer -

I found your beautiful blog! What creativity and thought - I love reading your posts.

It was a pleasure meeting you and seeing you again this weekend!

Hope to see you again soon:)