Friday, May 7, 2010


I am so very tired lately.  By 6pm I'm ready to go to bed and it sucks.  And then once I do go to bed I could sleep forever.  I doubt its vacation catching up to me.  I've been back for a week.  Maybe it's the house, work and vacation catching up with me.

Either way I have a weekend jam packed with house stuff.  Painting, unpacking, lawn work, etc.  Then I have a couple of work things to take care of.  Nothing this weekend is getting me excited for its arrival.

Next week I have a little travel and then some company a few of the remaining evenings, and THAT I'm excited about!

Have a great weekend everyone.  I consider it an accomplishment that I stayed awake long enough to type this entire post!

Oh!  Maybe next week I'll post some before and after pics of the family room, bathroom and my bedroom!  Things are happening slowly but surely! :)

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