Tuesday, April 20, 2010


We made it!  After 14 hours in the car, one hysterical (over-tired, zombie-like baby) and countless itunes playlists, we arrived in Rome yesterday around 11am.  We wasted no time checking into our apartments (I opted for apartments while we're here rather than a hotel as its more conducive to staying with little kids with a kitchen, balcony, laundry, multiple bedrooms, etc.) and then we headed out to the Piazza del Popolo.  From there we had lunch outside (um..YUM), enjoyed some amazing gelato, did some shopping and walked down to the Trevi Fountain (where we threw our coins in to ensure a return trip!)! 

And in the spirit of the weirdness of this trip, it hailed in Rome today.  It was in the 70s, sunny and gorgeous, then...POW!  It was the weirdest thing and all of the Romans were stunned.  We just hung out in a store and waited for it to pass.

Today we're off to The Vatican, the Castel Sant' Angelo, the Ponte Sant' Angelo (a bridge flanked by angels) and finally the Piazza Navona.  I plan on another sleep filled night as today will be very busy.

Tonight...dinner at LaPiemontese.

Tomorrow...the Coloseum, the Roman Forum and the Circus Maximus (site of ancient chariot races, etc.). The kids will love that, I'm sure.

I'll try to get online to post more pictures tonight!

Ciao! ;-)


Meagan's Mom said...

It was wonderful to read an update, I was so looking forward to it! And I hope you are all enjoying everything!! I feel bad about the hysterical baby though :)

a view into the world of joyce said...

Thanks for the update. WOW you sure got alot done on one day. Plus you look real busy tomorrow, you're going to need a vacation from your vacation when you get home. It was good to see on the news, the airplanes are being allowed to start flying in Europe. So you should be able to fly home when the time comes. Looking forward to more of your adventures.