Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Patience is NOT my virture

I'm thisclose to going insane.  Not being the most patient person on this planet (the peanut gallery can just hush it up at this point), waiting around for other people to do things is not good for my mental state.


  • Scheduling time for carpet measurements in the  new house (um, could the other realtor get BACK TO ME!?!?!).  Because of course it takes 3 weeks to order carpet, and my insanity-provoking time frame of closing, moving in, traveling for a corporate sales meeting (for 2 days the day after I close (hopefully) and going on vacation gives me TONS of wiggle room).
  • Pottery Barn taking forever to get the other 3 drawer file cabinet in (urgh - back order and Jennifer do NOT MESH).
  • Coordinating the ordering and delivery of furniture and appliances against an unknown timeframe makes people LOVE me.
I know this is all de rigueur for moving, blah, blah but its not my thing.  I'm really more of an instant gratification type of girl.  In pretty much every area of my life.

While I'm on the topic of the house, here's the color scheme for Jack Attack's room:

He'll have bunk beds in his room and he has this super cute monster bedding that goes with this color scheme.  Not sure how these colors will end up paint-wise, but you get a picture.  His room is pretty basic.  A square room with a closet and 2 windows.  Perfect for this little guy!

Have a great day and if you're in the NE, enjoy this incredible weather!!!  I heard birds chirping outside today and I nearly broke down into tears (that and the fact that I wasn't wearing a hat, gloves, scarf, coat and boots was enough to bring me to my knees)!

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