Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bedroom sneak peek

OK, so this is my bedroom in the new house (NOT my furnishings, etc., obviously).  And these are my inspirations for my bedroom.  There's a large window behind where I'm standing to take the picture and two sky lights to the right (you can see the corner of one on the right corner).  It's much larger than it looks in the picture.
And this is my inspiration for the room...
Again, airy, light, clean and crisp.

Oh, and we booked our trip to Europe today!  Two weeks away, I cannot wait.


Miriam travels thru life said...

I LOVE your new house and what your new bedroom is going to look like. I can´t wait to see pictures from when it´s all done!
And... have fun in Europe! I wish I could be there too... :(

Meagan's Mom said...

Stop! Stop making me drool with the shabby-chic baby-blue Hampton's-style bedroom!!!!!