Saturday, November 21, 2009

Day at the park...

Had a great day today at the park taking pictures for Brady and fam. Mad and Jack came along and I got some pretty good shots.  Still in the editing phase but I'm pretty pleased with what I shot today.  Speaking of editing, I love how you can totally transform a picture with a few quick edits.

Exhibit A:
This photo has been edited to brighten it up, a teensy vignette was added, etc.  Nothing major.

Exhibit B:
Suddenly its a darker day, colors slightly muted and...uh, it's snowing.  But I love it.  Looks like NYC, not Amherst.

And, thanks to a child, I got into a photo!  AND I look like a spaz!   Awesome!  Also please note I am not freakishly tall, nor is Brady 4 feet tall.  I'm on a rock or something.

And yes, to answer your question - I am editing photos on a Saturday night.  If you can't say anything nice please just keep it to yourself...

P.S.  How fantastic are Madeline's boots?  They're faux fur trimmed on the top with little fur poms on the front.  I love that girl's style.

P.P.S. Sandra - the picture from the earlier post (of Mad and Jack) was taken at the Town Park here in town a few weeks ago! :)


cpbrady said...

We had a great day. Your pics are beautiful. We want snow in our pics. Just love it. Xoxo

Petite G. said...
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Petite G. said...

Sorry I deleted the first post because I saw some spelling errors. The horror! You look great in your pic! Your face looks so thin in the pic! I also wanted to say that I think the orange vests look too day-glo in the pic. I think they need to be muted down a bit. JMO. Love you!