Monday, October 12, 2009

Getting excited!

This is my "I'm so happy my brother and sister in law and niece will be here this weekend! (hopfully)" face! My bangs were acting wonky - excuse the wonkiness of the bangs. But for real you guys, I'm NOT KIDDING (aka Jack William)! I am super duper excited! I haven't seen Emma girl in like, oh - SIX MONTHS?!?!?!! Damn I have a wide face and a weird chin. I love how photo booth on my Mac makes me look like a ghost with super shiny cheeks.

I watched this movie last night. Very sweet, VERY funny. Still in *love* with John Krasinski.
I would like some of these cleaning products, for no other reason than I love the packaging. Yes. I'm THAT girl. The one who buys crap because I like the package.

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Meagan's Mom said...

You look great! You always look so alert and fresh-faced! You have one of those smiles that people describe as "lighting up a room". (BTW, I've never noticed your chin appearing that way in real life.)