Friday, September 18, 2009

She's a weird one...

I am totally weird.

No really, I am. My neurosis manifest themselves in many, many (many) bizarre ways. Take, for example, the fact that the site of dust makes me want to vomit. Or that I follow my niece and nephew around my house with a mini vac (no really, I do...they're just so messy!). I thought, in an effort to make everyone else feel better about themselves, I'd share some of bizarre traits. Let me just say "you're welcome".

-I hate having garbage in my trash can (office, kitchen, bathroom).

-I have a fear of eating rotten food (where this comes from I truly have no idea...I've never been fed rotten food in my life) so I throw food out before its time is up at an alarming rate. I'm trying to just buy itty bitty portions now so I waste less.

-Did I mention I hate dust? I abhor it and am considering moving into a home that is much like a laboratory for its 'clean room' features.

-I have a burning need to stop listening to what you're saying because what I'm saying IS SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT! Oh trust me...I fully know the rudeness factor here. Again, trying to work on it.

-I hate doing dishes or even touching dishes to put them in a dishwasher. *barf*

-I'm a compulsive list maker. It's pretty obscene actually. I feel the need to list pretty much anything I need to do and feel like a failure if I don't complete my entire work and personal to do lists daily.

-Dust. Ew.

-I'm a compulsive corresponder. Ask anyone who knows me and the heaps of mail they receive from me on an annual basis. I will personally keep the USPS in business. No worries there.

-I must have noise distracting me at all times. Music or tv in the background is a must. I've been like that since I was little. Total silence is nauseating to me.

-I'm a fiercely loyal friend until you do something so fucking stupid I have to let you go. And I will. Forever.

-I must make my bed every day. No matter what. I think there was one time in the past 5 years that I didn't do this chore.

-I'm an extreme creature of habit. From my morning routine, my evening routine, work, shower, whatever you name it. I have a habit.

I sound insane right now. I'm really not, trust me.

OK for real, that's enough for now. There are MANY more oddities where these come from, but they'll have to wait for another post. I don't have the self esteem necessary to list them ALL in one post. And quite frankly, I don't think you need it either. Just pretend I'm normal when you see me at the grocery store...buying my one roll so I don't waste it.



Jennifer said...

I vacuum, a lot. One neighbor came over and said, I just love how whenever I come over your vacuum is out and parked somewhere close by.

tracy said...

Too funny!

*We don't do leftovers- AT ALL...we are such foor wasters (although our pugs find some way to keep food waste at a minimum!)

*I'm a creature of habit, too! Socks go on the left, then the right. Then shoes. Ring, then earrings then necklace, then watch. Same to eat, shower, etc. I feel that if I don't do things in their special order, my day will be in total dissarray. (And it has!)

*can't stand banana peels (vomit), but I love bananas. Oh- and one brown spot and their trash!

I miss my cousins too too much!

tracy :)