Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I cannot BELIEVE it is September already. Is it just because I'm getting older that time flies? The kids go back to school next week, the weather is already turning, the Labor Day Fair is this weekend and the falls shows are starting to return to TV. It's my favorite time of year. Better than Christmas for me. It's also the month of a thousand birthdays for me. Half of the people I know were born in September - so half of my check will go to Hallmark this month.

We went to the Canadian side of the Falls this weekend, just for something different to do. Got some great pics too (although my sister and I debate who took the pic of Maddy - its still a great photo). And I'm not so vain as to not post a picture of me looking like pure crap (I totally need to get in shape - my face is the size of a party platter). Here I am, gray hair and all (which, btw, was remedied yesterday). We had a great time. After the Falls we meandered along the QEW looking for an IKEA I thought was closer. But we found it damnit, and it was still open (thank GOD or the passengers in the car might have killed me).

So as I sit here, listening to my neighbor mow his lawn for the 6th time today, I wish you a Happy September.

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