Sunday, September 6, 2009

Labor Day

This was my dad's holiday. For sure my dad's Christmas! My dad was a volunteer fireman for the Clarence Center Volunteer Fire Department for over 30 years and he loved every minute of it. And every year, with the exception of the 2006 season (as he was too sick, and I KNOW it broke his heart not to be able to be there), my dad worked in the beer tent at the CCVFC Labor Day Fair. I have SO many memories ingrained in my mind from these events, from childhood, teen years, college, married life and beyond. I couldn't go last year - I just couldn't handle it for some reason (even though my dad passed in 2006 and I went in 2007). This year I decided I was going to go - I was going to have a beer (or 2 or 6) for my dad in the tent and I was going to have a good time. And I did. I hung out with current, past and new friends last night - had a fantastic time and thankfully escaped the clutches of one or two amorous drunkards. Ew. I love it there but its not an ideal dating pool. Trust me on that one.

My mom came out as well, and she had a great time. Something she needed and something my dad would be proud of her for doing.

So this post is for you dad. I love you and miss you more than my heart can take sometimes. This Labatt Blue is for you! ;-)

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