Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Yesterday I was heading somewhere and I passed this crazy lady waving at me like she was insane. Turns out it was my friend Chrissy. It didn't look anything like Chrissy, and she wasn't driving Chrissy's car, but it really was her! That made me think of the women in my life. The friends, the family (many of whom become friends because you actually LIKE them!!), the people that make me feel lucky to know them.

I have quite a few true, sweet friends. Then I have friends who I might not call if I needed someone, but when I'm with them I feel like a better person.

I love friends that you can not speak to for 6 months and then you see them and its like you saw them 10 minutes ago.

I love the friends that you haven't seen since high school (maybe you weren't even friends then) and now, 20 years later, you find that you miss the time you never had together (but love the time you have now).

I'm not a man, I don't how men feel about their friends, but I really love my girlfriends like sisters. Its just a bond that we create as women, and I love that.

So to all you fly ladies out there...I love you!

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