Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Jack has this game he likes to play...its called "Trailer". The rules are pretty straightforward. When driving, if you see a car or truck with a trailer hitch, you yell out "trailer". This game has morphed into "Pick Up Truck" as well (which is a little more gratifying, as there are a lot of pick up trucks here in WNY). In the beginning the game was very robust with the "TRAILER!!" findings. Now the game has become more tame. This is an example of the car ride from Jack and Maddy's house to mine today:

Maddy: "So, Nenna - we're going to go to your house, swim, eat, then I'll play soccer, then we'll go back to your house to swim."

Me: "Well we'll have to ask your mama about swimming after soccer."

Jack: "trailer"

Maddy: "Well I'm pretty sure mama will let me because I get really hot when I play."

Jack: "Yeah Nenna, Maddy gets really hot when she plays soccer - trailer."

Maddy: "Yeah and - trailer- besides, I need to practice my swimming before fall so I don't forget anything - trailer."

Me: "Well like I said - trailer - we'll see."

Jack: "Do you have baloney at your house - trailer -?"

P.S. This photo was taken last week at Madeline's soccer game - which Jack spent the entire time playing in a mud puddle. He's usually not this dirty.

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Meagan's Mom said...

OMG, you are SO funny! I laughed until I cried! I've read your other posts too (butterfly=AWESOME). Wish you'd write a book.