Friday, August 21, 2009

Last night

I went to dinner last night with my sister and a HS classmate I recently reconnected with during the reunion. I had SUCH a great time, Karen is so lovely and I'm looking forward to seeing our friendship develop.

It's so random how people you never spoke to 20 years ago, for no reason other than being a stupid 17 year old and you're so consumed in your HS relationship, circle of friends that no one can penetrate, etc., can end up becoming great friends in adulthood. I had a similar situation with my friend Erin. I don't think we uttered a word to one another in HS, now we're close friends.

So for all of the HS students out there reading this (I'm sure there are droves of you out there - reading a 38 year old's random blatherings), talk to that person you wouldn't normally talk to. Don't be such an idiot..

One can never have too many good friends after all.


Karen Roberts said...

OK, so I'm not sure if I'm doing this right, but you are too sweet! It has been great reconnecting with you as well-so glad we have, and looking forward to spending more time together! Less wine, more beer! :)

Jenny said...

Ditto on the wine Karen. Oh my head.....