Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's coming.....

I'm SO over the top excited to show you guys my new blog (courtesy of Betsey Booms, which is courtesy of Jill - from a contest I won on her blog)! Betsey and I have been working on the design (read = I say "I'd like this and this and this and this" and Betsey doesn't smack me and makes something beautiful out of my nonsense!) and we should have it up and ready soon! I love the colors and the header and everything about it! She is awe-some....

Let me know what you think once its up!

Mimi gets here on Friday - cannot WAIT to see her! The last time we hung out was in Paris last March. Too long between visits for sure!

And then my Jilly gets her with all the kiddos for 2 weeks. SO excited for that trip! She'll be here for our 20th HS reunion. I wasn't going to go, but maybe I'll crash - we'll see.

Anyway, check back soon - I'm so excited!

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