Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday musings...

I'm feeling a little like this today...
(on a side note, dontcha love all of Maddy's accessories!?)

I'm feeling antsy, like I want to DO something.  But I don't know what.  I'm happy, all is going well, and that's a GOOD thing!  I think I need to take a trip - a little vacation, change of scenery, etc.

AND when I'm feeling antsy, it always seems to manifest itself in my hair.  I have curly hair, and I was thinking of going short (I've done it before, even though I go through pony tail withdrawl).  Thoughts on these styles?  SJP's might allow for a teeny pony.  Elisabeth Shue's will not.  
I've also developed a fascination/obsession with Venetian Glass mirrors.  WANT ONE!  But, they're crazy expensive (I would NEVER spend $800 on a mirror).  But I do love them so.
All right, back to work.  Enjoy your day, hope its as nice there as it is here!

OH!  Maddy had her track meet today and rocked it in the skipping race, 3 legged race and bean bag balance race.  You go you nutty little girl!  xo

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emma*lucia*07 said...

Love the hair styles! I want curly hair!! So I say go for it and I wanna see pics... :)