Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I'm updating this sucker.

First, I must make note of the fact that my dear, sweet friend Chrissy ran (and finished) the Buffalo Half Marathon last weekend.  You go, you crazy girl!
I found these cards at a local paper store (Yours Truly in Clarence Center just past the 4 corners - yes, I live in a THRIVING metropolis)and I LURVE them!  You can get them here.  
Some of my little birthday friends will recognize these this year!  Speaking of June birthdays, of which there are many....Happy Birthday to (in order of date, so simmer down folks - you all rock my little world in one way or another):

I've always had a fascination with color.  Ever since I was a little girl I've collected paint samples like they were currency.  So it makes sense that I've taken my love of color to the next level...organizing my bookshelves by color.  I mentioned this in a previous post (I can't be bothered to find it and link to it, sorry! :)), and I'm so in love with the look!  Bad picture, but I was too tired to adjust my settings (like, uh at all).
I haven't been too busy with scrapping lately, I've been pretty swamped with work, which going wonderfully.  I've done a few pages, but need to add journaling to them.  Here's one page I actually finished though.  I love Emma's face in this (your crazy birthday girl!!)!One last thing before you scroll down to see how much more of this you must endure...

CHECK OUT THESE THINGS!  OH MY GOD I love them so much!  One if for your ipod, the other for a point and shoot camera.  I want them both, but they're like $60 a piece?  WHA???  So crazy cute though!  Just adore them - check them out here.  I emailed the owner of the etsy shop to see if he'd be making more of these freakin' cute things, and he said he is (then he dropped the price on me).  But if you love them as much as I do, and have some extra cash - by all means, gobble them up (but fo shiz...$60??!!)!
I bought the cutest thing from etsy a few weeks ago, a great camera strap cover for my Digital SLR.  LOVE it!  The stupid Canon strap ripped the skin off of my neck (ask anyone who has one - there's obviously a reason why someone thought up this strap cover) and this makes photography SO much nicer!  I can keep my camera on my neck all day!

Oh one more thing!  Miss Maddy Girl walked with her Brownie Troop in the Memorial Day parade.  How freakin' cute, right?  *sigh*
Enjoy your week and I'll be back soon! (I promise!)


Jennifer said...

Ok --- what's your loss goal? Let's partner over the itnerent. Goal -- 25 lbs...ugh. I'm ENORMOUS...Also, add me to the 29th of June..ack 3-5

Jenny said...

Jenn - you don't even want to KNOW my goal. Let's partner for sure! And don't get me started...I'll be 38 in July! (fresh tears falling)

Petite G. said...

Hey baby girl. What's the name of the Etsy shop that makes those awesome covers? I have to have one!!

Love you. Thanks for all the love on your blog. I just caught up the other day. Love the organization on the books. very martha of you.

Jenny said...

Jilly - here's the etsy shop. I'll email it to you too.

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Where the hell is my personal birthday blog? Biotch!